Run Misson International School


In July 1996 Pastor Isaac Opuni-Akosah was sent on a Missionary duty by Run Mission Assemblies to survey and to plant Churches in the communities within Offinso Municipal where there were no churches and the need was great. A number of communities were selected in the process, including Twumasen, where the people were in desperate need of the Gospel and development support.

Run Mission International School was started in the year 2010. Twumasen Opinion Leaders approached the Run Mission Assemblies for a school as there was no school in the community at the time of the request. A participatory research team comprising officials of the Church and community leaders conducted assessment to ascertain the need for School in the community, and also to secure the commitment of the community people. The assessment was followed by series of community meetings for planning and implementation of the project. The community was happy to see the school started because

1. They could leave their children in safe hands and go to their farms.

2. Their children were being educated.

3. They did not have to travel to go to school.

4. They do not have money to pay for School fees. They were to pay a token canteen fee to feed the children.



Run Mission International is registered with the Registrar General Department and Ministry of Social welfare, and accredited by the Ghana Education Service.

Our Early Childhood Education and Development unit provides a safe, developmentally appropriate and nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional cognitive and physical growth as well as positive self-image and a love of learning.

Primary – At Run Mission International we provide an education which place importance on the development of the whole child, academically, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.


To build skills that set children up for success


That each child would develop a curiosity for learning, discovering their interest, growing in their love for learning and thrive.


To provide children in Twumasen and its environs equal access to high quality education and care in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment that builds foundation for life-long learning.

OUR VALUES: Run Mission International School values

Friendliness -being kind and caring to others

I share

I am positive

I am happy, not grumpy

Respect- polite and thoughtful in dealing with others

I treat others the way I would like to be treated

I listen when others are speaking

I use good manners

Integrity- consistent in words and actions

I do what I say I will do.

I am honest and trustworthy.

I take responsibility for my actions.

Everyone Co-operates- getting along with other

I do my share of the work.

I share resources, ideas and experience.

I can take turns

Never-Give-Up-Attitude- persistence

I finish what I start.

I do my best.

I am willing to try new things.

SCHOOL MOTTO: Excellence is our Hallmark


MANAGEMENT: The school is being managed by the school management committee.

GOVERNANCE: The school is governed by an Advisory Board

SCHOOL LEVELS: The school is made up of four levels: Crèche, Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary.

FUNDING: Sources of income:

Run Mission Assemblies Church 50%

Service income ( subsidized feeding and transportation services) 50%


The School has a total population of 105.



CLASSROOM: The school operates in a six (6) unit classrooms.

TRANSPORTATION: The School has one (1) 15 sitter bus to transport the children who stay outside Twumasen community.

PARENT AND TEACHER ASSOCIATION: There is a Parent, Teacher Association to promote a co-operative partnership between the governing body, staff and others associated with the school.