Run Mission Assemblies does not only focus its attention on the gospel but also is socially responsible to the communities, in education and economic empowerment. It operates an all-inclusive basic school for vulnerable children, a health center and provision of humanitarian assistance to families and individuals in crisis situation.


RUN MISSION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was established in September 2010. It became necessary when we identified Twumasen village had no school or Church. We brought Christ to them by establishing a Church there in 1998. In September 2000 we started a nursery school. At this time Children of school going age were about 8years old and they had to walk to the nearby village called Anyankaso about 2kilometers away. Most of the Children in the village preferred going to farm with their parents more than to go to School. Some of them have developed more interest in hunting. They will walk whole day in the bush hunting for bush meat. Sometimes they succeed and other times they do not.

 Through the Church a school was established to bring an answer to the problem. We did not have any building. So we used Bamboo to raise a structure for worship. It was in this structure that the school was started. We had about 18 children the first year. The number grew to 34 in the second year but unfortunately rain storm hit our structure to a collapse. Since we did not have money to re-raise the structure, we encouraged the parents to send their wards to Anyankaso primary School. Thank God some of these children today are graduates in different vocations.

In September 2010, we reorganized ourselves to re-open the school again. By God’s grace it has been firmly established with 95 pupils.


In September 2015 the Ghana Education Service approved the school after inspection has been conducted. Since that time the Ghana Education Service has been supervising our work to maintain the standard required. They have been guiding our teachers to stay on track.



Since Twumasen  is a rural poor community, all the children in the school are on scholarship. We are not able to put up any infrastructural development due to this situation.


No child pays fees but  those who stay outside Twumasen pay small daily canteen and transportation fees to be used to transport, feed the children, manage the daily affairs  and also allowance for teachers.


Parents understanding of child development is very low and so are their contributions. As the children learn and know how to read and write their lives would be transformed.



Currently we have 95 children, 6 classes, 9 staff and 5 management team members. 

The residence of Twumasen are poor and can not pay for their wards fees, hence, it is difficult to send their wards to school. Due to this, 30 children are on full scholarship in the school. We use the small canteen fees we charge from the 2/3 to feed them all, pay the staff and manage the school. Sometimes we run at a loose and payment of staff becomes a problem. We encourage and admit individuals or groups who are willing to volunteer, help in teaching or contribute in cash or kind to manage the school. 

Our objective is that every child must have access to education for a better future…

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