Praise be to our God, the father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessings.


Our God has been so good to us. He has led us through the challenging time where world economy is devastating. He has promised and will never fail. The economic situation in Ghana is astronomically high. Inflation is on the high rate but God has protected and guided us till this time. We are grateful to Him. Glory is to His name.


From July to September the standard of living has gone up. Prices of goods and services have been affected. Fuel prices are now astronomically high. It has almost doubled compared to the price in January. This is a global issue not Ghana alone. The take home salary cannot take people home. Thank God for providing for us every month to honor our staff. May the Lord have mercy on us.



We vacated in August and re-opened in September. During vacation we visited house to house to campaign for new admission and it was successful. 15 people showed interest but when we re-opened 10 new people came to register. As at June our enrollment was 63 and now we are 73. Praise the Lord!



We have not gotten a new teacher we are anticipating to have. The students who graduate from the Senior High Schools are potential people to be recruited. They graduated in the later part of September. We have placed an advertisement and are waiting for response.


Academic work is ongoing. The people are now performing well. Their contribution is very encouraging. Some few are lacking behind but the teachers are helping them to catch up. Since the teacher –pupil ratio is about 1:10 our performance is very encouraging. The teachers have time for each child.

Most of the Parent has regretted taking their children to the Government school. Two of them have come back. Praise the Lord!



Last quarter I reported on the new school building project. On the land we have laid about 1500 blocks to begin the building of a six unit classroom block. We are praying to get funds for the project. God is our helper. We are planning to do it in phases. We want to put up a three classroom structure in the meantime as we continue to pray for the Lord to provide funds for the rest.


By God’s grace a website has been created by the school where many information on the school will be put there. This is a direct answer to our prayer. The address is

(Class three)
A Director of one of my Sister schools has been receiving volunteers abroad to help teaching in his school. He has introduced me to a website where travelers are looking for volunteering opportunity. I registered Run Mission International School and by God’s grace a British Lady has shown interest to come in October ending to help in teaching for some time.
Karen is 50 year old lady form England. She has been working with care and the aged for 12 years. And now with the homeless for 6 years. She wants to take a break and come to Ghana to help volunteer in teaching in the School.

Dr Skinner read about Run Mission International Volunteering Opportunity on and shown interest to teach the little children who were staying home during school closure due to COVID 19 Pandemic.
Since September 2020 she has been teaching at least one hour a week for free through WhatsApp video call.
Even during vacations she continued teaching till now. She has imparted knowledge in the children’s life. Dr Skinner loves these children and can now call them by their names. Jesus said in John chapter 10 “I know my sheep and my sheep knows me.” She gives homework to them. If she is not able to teach Pastor Isaac assist her.
Since last year we have been using our chapel for the class due to the increase in enrolment. When we went there the children in the community (both Moslems and Christians) heard of her teaching and developed interest to be part of her class. We opened our doors for them and 10 children in the community have joined the class.
Dr. Skinner is happily teaching almost every week. Her passion is to teach children to read, write and speak good English. Her dedication, sacrifice and service have propelled the children to a very high level. There has been a great impact on the children’s life and studies. She has taught a lot of English words, pronunciations and their meaning. They can now speak good English and construct sentences.
Whenever she is busy and cannot teach, Pastor Isaac teaches. She also gives homework all the time.

(Dr. Skinner’s class)

(Dr. Skinner’s class)

Our appreciation to Dr. Skinner for giving her life, time and service to these young Ghanaian children from far away in the United States. Her service is like fragrance incense with sweet smelling aroma in the sight of God.
May the good God continue to bless her. May He shine His face on her in all she does. Dr. Skinner, we are grateful.
1. The academic standard of the children is improving.
2. New admissions has been made.
3. A new volunteer is coming to help in teaching.



VISION The vision of the church is to equip the members with employable skills, education, health care and income generating ventures to help reduce poverty among them. The members are also being trained to effectively share the good news in their local dialects in order to win more souls. Their main occupation is farming. Although farming is the primary occupation, their farms are small and need to be expanded to merit any commercial value so very little of their produce find their way into the market on markets days. The people are eventually made poor, a condition that results in high rate of school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy, drug peddling and stealing among the youth.
By the grace of God many of the youth after their first cycle schooling, they now enter into apprentice to study any employable skill of their interest. This is solving a lot of their problems. You can now see that no one is sitting there idle. Apart from that we can see their commitment in Christ is increasing.

Buajiase is under the supervision of the Kasoa Church. During COVID.19 era all churches were ban from meeting in the classrooms. Bawjiase was affected. We had a plot of land to build a Chapel so raise up a structure and roof it. There is no fence on it but encouraged members to worship there. Since it was far from the town the attendance was not encouraging. In August we lost one of our member so we used the burial service as an opportunity to revitalize the Church. Many souls have been won to the Glory of God. We are happy to see a Church growth. We now have three home cells. Praise the Lord!



The Pastor at Kpando has resigned. According to him, the Lord has told him to start another ministry of his own. We have accepted his resignation. Since Kasoa gave birth to Kpando branch , Kasoa supervises them. The Lord had prepared three leaders who were helping Pastor Kafui  so they have been ordained  as deacons to take over as a team. One of them has been appointed leader of the team. The transition has been so smooth that no one has been affected. The church is on the move. Praise the Lord.




As we know cleanliness is next to holiness. We began a project in the community to bring neatness to our doorsteps. This have become a community own project .We do it every six weeks on the traditional calendar (Saturday Dapaa). On that day we do not go to farm. Neither do we organize funerals. It has been very effective this year too. Praise the Lord. We have put dust bins in vantage points on the streets, offices, churches, mosques so that no one will litter around.


Green Ghana Project is a project by the Government of Ghana to plant 5 million trees a day. Most churches have taken this initiative to make the vision of the President come true and Run Mission Assemblies is part. This is because there has been an environmental degradation activity in Ghana. Unauthorized mining and tree cutting activities is pushing us more into the desert. To restore the situation tree planting is the way.
Last year we planted about 1000 trees in our farms, streets and our homes. This year we have planted 2000 as a Church by the end of June.
In August we planted 200 coconut trees.




The ministry has a Citrus and Cocoa farm of about 45 hectares of land at Akokoasa in the Central Region of Ghana. The Board visit to the farm was a great encouragement to the volunteers who has been working in the farm.


July was a lean season for the Cocoa so we had a small produce. Meanwhile application of fertilizer, fungicides and pesticides have been applied preparing the farm for a bumper harvest in the main season.


At the citrus farm, part of the farm has been affected by fungus making the fruit not healthy. Some of the fruit were fallen. We quickly invited the Agriculture officers to prescribe a product that could fight against the disease. Sales were made for the removal of the matured fruits. Harvest was made quickly even though we could not get much money expected but was better to save the plants.









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