“Thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spread everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him” 2Cor. 2:14. Praise the Lord!!!


Our God has been so good to us in many ways. The second wave of Virus pandemic was more than serious. But God has protected us and no one of our members is counted missing. We are grateful to Him. A lot of development has come on. Glory is to His name.


Our God has been so good to us since reopening of schools in May. There is a lot of progress as far as academic work is concern. COVID Vaccines has been taking by many families. We see that the pandemic has gone down drastically. Thank God for that.



Praise the Lord! The School bus is now in good condition. We only had some challenges with 2 tyres. By God’s grace we have resolved it


During the vacation in April some people broke into our kitchen and took away our cooking utensils. By God’s grace we have bought a new one. We are praying for the best.



As at last quarter our enrolment was 77. Two have left for the government school. The parent complained they are in serious economic crisis and cannot pay for the canteen fee. Since the government is providing free feeding so they have sent their wards there to enjoy that offer. We have had 4 admissions so far making our enrolment 79 now. Academic work is improving and the parents are happy.


Madam Latifa who joined us last year for Kg two has left for a Nursing Training. She had an intension to become a Nurse. She applied and after an interview she was accepted. We are looking for a teacher to take over the class. Mean while we have combine KG 1and2 together till we get a new teacher. Praise the Lord.


Academic work is ongoing. The people are now performing well. Their contribution is very encouraging. Some few are lacking behind but the teachers are helping them to catch up. Since the teacher –pupil ratio is about 1:10 our performance is very encouraging. The teachers have time for each child.


By God’s grace a website has been created by the school where much information on the school will be put there. This is a direct answer to our prayer. The address is

Dr Skinner read about Run Mission International Volunteering Opportunity on and shown interest to teach the little children who were staying home during school closure due to COVID 19 Pandemic.Since September 2020 she has been teaching at least one hour a week for free through WhatsApp video call.
Even during vacations she continued teaching till now. She has imparted knowledge in the children’s life. Dr Skinner loves these children and can now call them by their names. Jesus said in John chapter 10 “I know my sheep and my sheep knows me.” She gives homework to them. If she is not able to teach Pastor Isaac assist her.
Since last year, we have been using our chapel for the class due to the increase in enrolment. When we went there the children in the community (both Moslems and Christians) heard of her teaching and developed interest to be part of her class. We opened our doors for them and six children in the community have joined the class.
Dr. Skinner is happily teaching almost every week. Her passion is to teach children to read, write and speak good English. Her dedication, sacrifice and service have propelled the children to a very high level. There has been a great impact on the children’s life and studies. She has taught a lot of English words, pronunciations and their meaning. They can now speak good English and construct sentences.
We have lost one of our Muslim children who joined our class when we came to the Chapel.
On the day the Muslims broke their Ramdan fasting. All the Muslims went to a School park to pray. On the way to the prayer meeting this boy was hit by a tipper truck and died instantly. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Meanwhile her mother was pregnant and has delivered a baby boys. The Lord has brought a replacement. Praise the Lord.

(Dr. Skinner’s Class)

VISION The vision of the church is to equip the members with employable skills, education, health care and income generating ventures to help reduce poverty among them. The members are also being trained to effectively share the good news in their local dialects in order to win more souls. Their main occupation is farming. Although farming is the primary occupation, their farms are small and need to be expanded to merit any commercial value so very little of their produce find their way into the market on markets days. The people are eventually made poor, a condition that results in high rate of school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy, drug peddling and stealing among the youth.
A close study of the adult population in the churches, and Run Mission Assemblies in particular also shows that the people are poor. Currently the church is training members into vibrant witness groups who will go out to win souls and also mobilize more people into snails and bees farming to make life worth living.


Currently, we have three cell groups namely: Love (Adjeikwaa), Faith (Adukwaa) and Hope (Kweku NinsinKwaa). These cell groups meet in their various hamlets with their leaders overseeing them. They are gradually moving on widening their scopes as they embark on evangelical outreaches.
I have set up a youth group who meets once every quarter in the branches under my care. During the first quarter of the year the youth organized an evangelistic outreach which resulted in eight souls won. They were baptized on Saturday 7thMay 2022. One of them has travelled into city to seek greener pasture but the seven are currently serving the lord with us.
Due to continuation of schooling and seeking for greener pastures some of the youth have migrated into the cities as some also engage in skill training for their future wellbeing.
We started building our temple in the year 2018. We have reached the roofing stage but have not been able to complete due to lack of funding as we can see in the picture. Some part of the building has broken down due to a torrential rainfall. We need support to complete the building in order to encourage and attract Worshippers to join us. Ma y the Lord Touch benevolent hearts to heed to our Macedonian call and come to our aid to help us (Acts 16:9).

As we know cleanliness is next to holiness. We began a project in the community to bring neatness to our doorsteps. This time we involve many of our stakeholders. The kings, the Muslim community, the Municipal Assembly and local government, all Churches and schools. We made a community own projects so that nobody will litter around.

1. We have been showing films of how the environmental hazard causes health problem and kills us early in life. This is done quarterly ( every other clean up exercise)
2. Pastors and Church leaders continue to educate their congregation on our environment
3. Imams continue to educate their Muslim brothers on our environment. This both Edl-Ftr and Edl –a- Adha were celebrated in a clean environment.
4. Kings and Assembly members still educate the community.
a. The communities have been divided into small groups in a particular Electoral area so that all got involved.
b. Committees were appointed to organize in each electoral area. Members were stakeholders in the electoral area like Imam, Head teachers, Head of Churches, Assembly members and a representative from the traditional council
5. School children got involved as they make their clean up on Fridays before the DAPAA Saturday

For the project to be sustained we planned to make it every six weeks on the traditional calendar (Saturday Dapaa). On the traditional calendar we do not go to farm. Neither do we organize funerals. It was very effective this year. Praise the Lord.

Green Ghana Project is a project by the Government of Ghana to plant 5 million trees a day. Most churches have taken this initiative to make the vision of the President come true and Run Mission Assemblies is part. This is because there has been an environmental degradation activity in Ghana. Unauthorized mining and tree cutting activities is pushing us more into the desert. To restore the situation tree planting is the way.
Last year we planted about 1000 trees in our farms, streets and our homes. This year we have planted 2000 as a Church.

An old lady known as Madam Doris Bamonpong, a wife of a famous idol worshiper in the vicinity surrendered her idol worship and gave her life to Jesus when I started the church in the village in 1994. Soon after her conversion she mobilized all her grandchildren and dependents into the church. The 110 years old woman who was laid to rest on Saturday 25th June 2022 made another history. During her funeral celebration, another seven elderly men and woman gave their lives to Jesus as they witnessed the funeral celebration and the move of the Holy Spirit that day. On the following Sunday they came to church and promised to worship the God their old mother worshipped the rest of their lives.
As I speak now, two of her grandchildren have become ministers of God. That family that hitherto, lived in total darkness, abject poverty and unlearned folks can now boast of four graduates and a generation of enlightened Christian youth. Her senior son who succeeded his father in idol worship also surrendered his life on the thanksgiving service Sunday and promised to replace his mother and continue from where his mother left. Hallelujah!
Three years ago Mrs Agyei got pregnant. She was diagnosed to have Hepatitis B. It was likely the baby could be having the disease. We prayed to God to intervene. Mrs Agyei has been healed, the Baby was free from the disease. After a series of test and examination the child is free. Thank God the boy is two years now


1. More soul harvest.
2. Financial support for missions and to build God’s Temple
3. More workers in the vineyard of God.
4. Newly planted churches.
5. Church growth spiritually and numerically.
6. Dr. Manuel’s health.



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